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Breastfeeding Support

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Breastfeeding Support
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The Erie-Huron WIC Program strongly promotes, supports, and encourages breastfeeding!  To talk to our WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator or Peer Helper call the Sandusky or Norwalk office.

Breastfeeding Recommendations

The Ohio Department of Health, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends feeding only breast milk for the first six months of life followed by continued breastfeeding for 1 year or longer, as mutually desired by mother and child.

Local Breastfeeding Support

Sandusky WIC Office: 419-626-5623 ext. 150

Norwalk WIC Office: 419-668-6855

Firelands Regional Medical Center, Lactation Services Phone: 419-557-7596

Fisher Titus Medical Center, Lactation Services Phone: 419-660-2117 ext. 6491

The Bellevue Hospital, Lactation Services Phone: 419-483-4040 ext. 4295

Mercy Regional Medical Center, Breastfeeding Support Group Phone: 419-960-4996

La Leche League of Erie County Phone: 419-433-6352

WIC Peer Helper Program

Peer Helpers are women in the community with personal breastfeeding experience. Peers assist by establishing a connection with families, help moms manage common concerns, provide ongoing encouragement and offer comfort outside the usual work day. To connect with our Peer Helper, call 419-668-6855.

“What I like most about my job is helping our participants learn about the many health benefits of breastfeeding and helping them to achieve their breastfeeding goals.” – Kimberly, Peer Helper

Breastfeeding Outreach:

Firelands Area Breastfeeding Alliance (FABA)