It shall be our focus to provide the essential public health services for our community in an effective and fiscally responsible manner.  The identification and the prevention of injury and illness, health promotion, disease surveillance, and the improvement of personal and environmental health status within the health district through assessment and policy development is vital.  We strive for continuous quality improvement among all programs and services offered through continuing education and ongoing workforce development; coupled with the evaluation of the community health status and good governance to deliver the essential public health services.


To assure an elevated quality of life across the complete age spectrum for the Residents of Erie County by being the leader in protecting and promoting public and environmental health through accessible services, education, and community health assessments.


Core Values Photo

E- Equity

We strive to eliminate disparities and assure that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be healthy. We work toward the timely availability of personal health services to achieve the best health outcomes.

C- Community, Communication, and Compassion

Our primary focus is to provide the best public health for those who rely on our leadership and guidance to live happier, healthier lives. We encourage open and clear communication within our agency and to the community in a timely, culturally appropriate, and respectful manner.

H- Health Promotion

To be a catalyst to screen, evaluate, and educate residents so they are engaged in proactive health and disease management.

D- Diversity and Collaboration

We honor diversity, inclusion, and community collaboration in all that we do. We foster internal and external partnerships that promote a seamless system of service delivery.

P – Presence and Professionalism

To be viewed as the community leader in the assessment, preservation, promotion and protection of our citizens’ health. Providing honesty, integrity, and competency in all interactions.

R- Respect

Everyone who interacts with us in any capacity will be treated with respect.

O- Outstanding Quality Improvement

To define performance standards and outcome measures to continuously improve program development, implementation, and service delivery.

M- Mission-Oriented

Our mission statement says it all. It’s who we are and what we do.

I- Innovation

We look at every situation as an opportunity to be forward-thinking and proactive.

S- Sustainability

Cultivating sustainable outcomes through the implementation of policies, systems, and environmental changes.

E- Empowerment

We empower our citizens to make healthier choices through education and a shared responsibility for the health of the public.