Private water systems (PWS) such as wells, hauled water storage tanks, cisterns and springs provide drinking water to households that are not served by public drinking water in Erie County. ECHD staff ensures that PWS are installed properly by registered contactors to ensure safe drinking water is provided to residents.  ECHD staff also provides water sampling services and lab analysis for existing private water systems.

A permit is required by property owners who intend to install a new private water system or alter/seal an existing private water system.  Permits are also required for homeowners looking to install disinfection systems on new or existing private water systems


Well logs give provide information on a well’s construction such as the well yield and depth, and geology of the well.  Well logs can be on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and can be searched by county, by address:

CDC recommends owners of private water systems to have their water tested annually. Water sample analysis is available for total coliform and e-coli bacteria by ECHD staff.