vaping and youthThe work of this grant is to educate the community about the dangers of youth vaping, encourage youth who are vaping to quit, empower youth who are nonusers to not initiate tobacco use, and to decrease the availability and accessibility of tobacco products to youth.

Youth vaping in Erie County is a major problem. Teachers and school administrators are seeing tobacco use and vaping in classrooms and bathrooms; parents are finding tobacco products including vaping devices and are struggling to deal with their child’s changed behaviors; and the community wants to help.

ECHD created the Cessation in Lieu of Suspension program, powered by My Life My Quit to combat the youth vaping epidemic with an emphasis on cessation over discipline. The evidence-based cessation in lieu of suspension program allows youth to meet with a certified tobacco quit coach from My Life My Quit where they partake in 5 one-on-one coaching sessions usually scheduled every 7-10 days. Coaching helps youth develop a quit plan, identify triggers, practice refusal skills, and receive ongoing support for changing behaviors.

My Life My Quit is a FREE quit vaping program for youth under the age of 18. Youth can call or text 855-891-9989 to enroll. The program is five weeks long and uses quit coaches to help youth. A certificate is awarded at the end of the program. Anyone over the age of 18 will be referred to the Ohio Tobacco Quitline.