Mosquito PictureMosquitos are flying insects that live all over the world. Some mosquitos feed on humans and transmit harmful viruses and parasites. Examples of diseases include Dengue Fever, West Nile, Yellow Fever, Zika, and Malaria.

The Erie County Health Department applies larvicide to control mosquito populations. Larvicide is a substance used to kill mosquito larvae, before they turn into adults. It is typically applied to areas of standing water, where mosquitos like to lay their eggs. Larviciding products are not used on free-flowing bodies of water, natural ponds, or lakes where natural mosquito predators are present.  If you have concerns about mosquito populations in your area please complete a Mosquito Treatment Request Form (link to form)


Q: How can I prevent mosquito bites?

A: Use an insect repellent while exploring the outdoors. If you are wearing sunscreen, apply the sunscreen first and then the insect repellent.

Q: My yard is swarming with mosquitos. What should I do?

A: Identify any areas of standing water. Standing water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and should be removed if possible. Other things to look for include bird baths, flowerpots, buckets, pools, tires, and trash containers. Empty and scrub these items at least once a week. Contact the Erie County Health Department to determine if larvicide application is appropriate.