Restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and all other stores that produce and sell food items are licensed and inspected by Environmental Health Specialists in our Environmental Health Division.  These inspections focus on the prevention of foodborne illness by ensuring that food is from an approved source, foods are safely and properly stored, prepared and served, establishments and equipment are clean and food employees are practicing good personal hygiene which aligns with the CDC 5 risk factors.

Every establishment is different based on the menu, equipment and processing of foods and beverages.

All food establishments are required to adhere to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.

Food Service Operation (FSO)

A place, location, site, or separate area where food intended to be served in individual portions is prepared or served for a charge.

Examples: Restaurants, Fast Food Establishments, Bars, Catering facilities, Daycares, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc.

Retail Food Establishment (RFE)

A premise or part of a premise where food is stored, processed, prepared, manufactured, or otherwise held or handled for retail sale.

Examples: Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Bulk Food Stores, Convenience Stores, Pizza Establishments, etc.

Plan Review

Before opening, remodeling or changing your menu/equipment a plan review process may be required.

FSO/RFE Plan Review Document

ECHD has 30 days to review a completed set of plans from the date it was received by our department.  Please plan accordingly.


Any new or remodeled mobile food service operations or mobile retail food establishments (mobile food trucks, trailers, push carts such as: ice cream carts, hot dog carts, etc.) requires a plan review application and a pre-licensing inspection prior to the issuance of a mobile food license and approval to operate.

Mobile licenses once issued by ECHD can travel anywhere in the state of Ohio.  Any equipment or menu items that are not present on your license will not be permitted to be used, sold or served.  Addition rules and permits may be required by other counties, cities and townships check with your location prior to.

Mobile Plan Review Document


Temporary food service operations (FSO’s) and retail food establishments (RFE’s) is the short-term preparation and sale of food at a local fair, festival or any other type of gathering.  This type of food license is only valid for 5 consecutive days at the same location.  An owner is only permitted to acquire 10 temporary permits in one licensing year. 

Temporary facilities must be self-sufficient and are subject to the same rules and regulations as brick-and-mortar facilities.  Any foods that are from an unapproved source will be subject to embargo or voluntary discarding by the owner with no refunds.

All temporary plan review packets must be submitted 10 days prior to the start of the event.

Temporary Plan Review Document


All vended foods that contain coffee machines and time/temperature controlled for safety foods are required to obtain a vending food license per location. 

A micro market is a retail food establishment that operates as a risk level one facility in a tiny market atmosphere which includes any combination of the following: dry storage foods, coffee machines, pop and beverage units, vending machines for refrigeration and/or frozen foods.

All vending machines require a lockout mechanism and a way to test the health lockout mechanism.

Vending Food Plan Review