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Sewage Treatment Systems


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Household Sewage Treatment Program

Sewage Treatment PhotoThe goal of the home sewage treatment program is to prevent the spread of disease through potential contact with untreated or partially treated wastewater. In order to do this, the environmental division oversees the design, installation, repair and replacement of household sewage treatment systems.

Sanitarians are responsible for conducting the site review and approving a layout plan of a septic system. The system design is based on the soil type and the anticipated water usage of the home.

WPCLF Sewage Treatment System Replacement Funding

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Grant Funding Information for Repair of Failing Private Sewage Treatment Systems:  
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Application Links:

Application for Site Review
Application for Sewage Treatment System
Instructions to Obtain a Sewage Treatment Permit
Sewage Treatment System Abandonment Form
Ohio Department of Health Treatment System Page

Contact Information For Program Specialists:

Vermilion City, Vermilion Twp, Florence Twp, Berlin Twp, Huron Twp, and Milan Twp. – 
Call Daryl Apple R.S. at 419-626-5623 ext. 124, or email at

Perkins Twp, Oxford Twp, Margaretta Twp, Groton Twp, Bay View, and Castalia – 
Call Mark Janowich at 419-626-5623 ext. 108, or email at

Kelleys Island – 
Call Craig Ward at 419-626-5623 ext. 118, or email at

Links for Haulers, Installers, Providers, Evaluators, and Designers:

Registered Septage Haulers
Registered Installers for Household Sewage Treatment
Registered Service Providers

For a list of soil scientists please visit the consultants list of the Association of Ohio Pedologists or search the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) Website for a list of soil scientists.

Site and Soil Evaluation Drawing Requirements and Layout Plan Submittal Requirements:

Site and Soil Drawing Requirements
Designers and Design Requirements

Semi-public Sewage System Program (HB110)

The Erie County Health Department (ECHD) has entered in to contract with the Ohio EPA to conduct routine operation and maintenance inspections of all semipublic sewage systems in the county where sanitary sewers are not available. A semipublic system is defined as “Semipublic disposal system” means a disposal system that treats the sanitary sewage discharged from publicly or privately owned buildings or places of assemblage, entertainment, recreation, education, correction, hospitalization, housing, or employment, but does not include a disposal system that treats sewage in amounts of more than twenty-five thousand gallons per day. This language is included in Ohio Revised Code 3709.085. ECHD will issue a permit on an annual basis and provide semiannual inspections of these facilities.

If any questions arise, please contact Daryl Apple R.S. at 419-626-5623 ext. 124.