Erie County Health Department - Erie County Community Health Center

: Phone (419) 626-5623

  24 Hour Toll Free (888) 399-6065
: Covid Information Line: 567-867-3243

Emergency Preparedness

An event or situation designating a public health emergency would demand immediate action on the part of local, state or federal health systems in order to maintain public health within the community and prevent or lessen injury or disease occurring as a result of the event.  These emergency events or situations could be caused naturally or be man-made.  Regardless, being prepared for these events will help to mitigate damage and harm done to people and property. 

Emergency kits consisting of water, non-perishable foods, medical supplies, flashlights, batteries, weather radio, cell phones and charging devices are some, but not all the items that should be considered to have available in times of emergency. 

The links below provide additional information to help you prepare for and receive information during a local emergency.

To Report a Local Health Emergency, Call the Health Department at 419-626-5623 or dial 911 to be Connected to Your Local Emergency Response System.