Regional Recovery Photo

The mission of the Regional Recovery Consortium is to reduce the number of community members in Erie, Huron, Ottawa, and Sandusky Counties suffering from Alcohol & Substance Use Disorders and experiencing fatal overdoses though regional cooperation and collaboration. We envision a future where each of the participating communities are free of Substance Use Disorder, fatal overdoses and their subsequent impacts to families and the community.

Our mission is to:

  • Promote a healthier community for all by developing a substance use prevention system that fills gaps in services, prioritizes resources, and reduces overlap.
  • Empower community members to respond to overdose incidents to save lives
  • Increase awareness of and improve access to Narcan, Deterra (drug deactivation bags), prevention services, and treatment, screening, and intervention tools.
  • Increase the number of providers and pharmacists utilizing the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS).
  • Continually update the community response plan and collaborate with neighboring counties to inform best practices and initiatives to make the greatest impact.
  • Expand and enhance treatment services using MAT, trained providers, enhanced discharge processes, and referrals to follow up care.
  • Connect individuals, families, and persons in recovery to community supports and increase the ability of regional communities to become more inclusive and recovery friendly.

For more information about the Regional Recovery Consortium, contact:

Sherry Sexton
Public Health Educator
Erie County Health Department
(419) 626-5623 Ext. 5109