What are Adult Day Services?

Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center is an affordable alternative for in-home and long-term care designed to meet the needs of adults who are chronically ill or isolated, need daytime supervision or opportunities for socialization, interaction, medication management and medical monitoring.  

Who benefits from Adult Day Services?

Both caregivers and participants benefit at Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center. Caregivers receive peace of mind, improved relations with their loved one, peer support and resources, greater independence and reduced stress and anxiety. Participants can experience preserved independence, social, cognitive and physical functioning. Participants also receive nutritious meals and snacks, medication assistance and medical monitoring, socialization and peer support. Adult day services can help reduce depression and loneliness as well as an overall improved quality of life in a supervised environment. 

Why choose Adult Day Services over in-home or long-term care?

Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center allows participants to age in place with their families and in their own homes while still receiving medical monitoring and interacting with peers to decrease isolation.  Adult day services can be used in conjunction with in-home services and allow a participant to age in place.

What hours are ADS available?

Our hours at Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center are Monday through Friday from 9:00am-2:30pm.

Are meals provided and included in the cost?

Yes, a dietitian-approved hot lunch and snacks are served daily at no additional cost.

 How is the level of care determined?

Care revolves around each participant’s needs and include services that support the participant to function at the highest level of his or her ability.  Each participant contributes to creating an Individual Care Plan to ensure their cognitive, emotional and physical needs are being met.

What types of services are provided?

Structured activity programming, health assessments, supervision and/or assistance with activities of daily living (showers and toileting), supervision of medication administration and transportation are some of the services provided at Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center.

Are medications dispensed?

Yes, medication can be dispensed by the Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center staff with an appropriate doctor’s order.  All medications must be provided in their original pharmacy container with the pharmacy label, dosage and instructions.  It is the responsibility of the participant or caregiver to provide Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center with any medication.  Participants may not take prescription or non-prescription medication without supervision and for the safety of all participants, all medications must be securely held by the nursing staff.

What activities are provided?

Activity programming is designed for each participant with a person-centered focus based on each individual’s interests and needs.  The Activities Director at Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center meets with each participant and their caregiver(s) to create the activity plan of care.  Activities may vary from small groups, parties, classes, physical exercise, pet therapy, games, outings, creativity and programs for brain stimulation.  Please refer to our monthly activity calendar for more information.

 What is a typical day at Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center?

When Participants arrive at Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center they are welcomed by staff and assisted as needed.  Morning coffee and/or tea, lunch and a snack may accompany small group and table activities.  Throughout the day, participants are engaged individually and in groups, provided medications as directed, provided with baths if requested.  Participants may choose to join any group activities or be provided with individual pursuits.

Who cares for participants?

Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center is staffed with experienced and trained staff to meet participant’s needs.  This may include an RN, LPN, social worker, clinical care coodinator, activities director and personal care aides.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

A formal referral is not required; however, a health statement completed and signed by the participant’s physician is required.

What physical limitations and medical conditions can be accommodated?

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.  Generally, participants must be able to bear weight and need minimal assistance for transfers and restroom care.  Participant must meet cognitive ability to engage and participate in activities.

What are the ages of participants of ADS?

Generally, participants are those 55 and older.  Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center will not deny participation to any applicant on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender expression, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

What is the process to apply and be accepted as a participant?

An Inquiry Form, Application for Participation and Health Assessment can all be filled out on our website or printed and mailed to us. Once all 3 are reviewed by staff, an appointment for a tour and interview will be scheduled. The Health Assessment must be completed by the participant’s physician and include a DNR, if applicable.

 How often can a participant attend?

Participants may attend full days up to 5 days a week.

Is drop in participation available?

In order to ensure appropriate staffing for all participants, drop ins are not accepted at this time.

Is transportation available?

Yes, transportation is available at a nominal fee within a 10-mile radius of our facility.

What services are available for families?

Support groups, resources and volunteer opportunities are available to families and Caregivers.

What can and should a participant bring with them to Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center?

Participants need to bring doctor-prescribed medications in their original labeled containers, a change of clothing, and any personal care items.  Participants may also choose to leave a change of clothes at the facility.  Each participant will have their own space in which their personal items can be kept.  Please label all personal items with the participants name.

Are Adult Day Services regulated?

Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center follows the guidelines set forth by the HCBS and NADSA standards.

How do participants pay for Adult Day Services?

Services for ADS are usually private pay; however, participants and caregivers are encouraged to check with their insurance providers to see if ADS is a covered service. Medicare does not currently cover the cost of Adult Day Services. Participants may also meet certain qualifications for other programs. Contact us for more information. 

What Food Menu Items/Recipes will be served?

Click here for Recipe Cards and Menu Items.

Are tours available?

Yes!  Please contact us at 419-502-1020 to schedule your tour and/or trial visit.

Who should I contact with questions or concerns?

Rhonda Story, RN – Compass Point Senior Enrichment Center Director