Erie County Health Department - Erie County Community Health Center

: Phone (419) 626-5623

  24 Hour Toll Free (888) 399-6065
: Covid Information Line: 567-867-3243



Peter Schade MPH, RS –
Health Commissioner
Robert L. England  MSOH, RS –
Chief Environmental Public Health Officer
Shari Greene  RN –
Chief Health Planning Officer
Janet Mesenburg  Acting Director of Public Health Nursing
Joseph Palmucci Chief Financial Officer
Abby Rosekelly-Schwanger Director of Community Health
Dr. Richard Visci  DO –
Medical Director
Craig Ward  RS –
Director of Enviromental Health
Heather Westcott  RN –
Director of Primary Care and Clinical Services
Trey Hardy  JD –
Chief Behavioral Health Officer
Steve Staley Director of Finance, Administration, Grants & Accreditation