Erie County Health Department - Erie County Community Health Center

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About Us

EC Health Department Logo 300 X 175Mission

It shall be our focus to provide the essential public health services for our community in an effective and fiscally responsible manner.  The identification and the prevention of injury and illness, health promotion, disease surveillance, and the improvement of personal and environmental health status within the health district through assessment and policy development is vital.  We strive for continuous quality improvement among all programs and services offered through continuing education and ongoing workforce development; coupled with the evaluation of the community health status and good governance to deliver the essential public health services.

Our Vision

To assure an elevated quality of life across the complete age spectrum for the Residents of Erie County be being the leader in protecting and promoting public and environmental health through accessible services, education, and community health assessments.

Our Core Values

  •           Leadership
  •           Respect
  •           Professionalism
  •           Teamwork
  •           Creativity
  •           Compassion
  •           Quality Improvement

Our Funding

The Erie County Health Department aggressively searches out funding opportunities to supplement local resources. During 2016, ECHD applied for 38 grants and was awarded a total of 30 grants, for a success rate of 79%. Grants vary significantly in size and shape. Typically, grants that are awarded by the federal government support large programs with many deliverables that need to be met in order to obtain the funding. Grants that are awarded from the state government support smaller to mid-size programs that have fewer deliverables compared to federal grants.  Finally, grants that are awarded from local funders support smaller projects with a specific focus on improving local conditions. During 2016, ECHD was awarded 30 grants that totaled over $3.5 million dollars.